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Master John Casterline

        John Casterline started his training in the Martial Arts in 1964, while in the United States Air Force.  He first started training in Okinawa Te.  The military was a wonderful place to train in the martial arts, giving everyone the opportunity to train with people from all over the world. Master Casterline started the Sembach Karate Club at Sembach Air Force Base in Germany and hosted the 1st karate club tournament at the base. Master Casterline was awarded his 1st degree black belt in 1967 from Earl Robin one of the "Hawaiian Boys" as they were called.  This rank was Chito Ryu Kempo.  By 1970, he had earned his 3rd degree black belt.  His next rank would be awarded in the arts of Goshin Budo Jiu Jitsu, Aikido and Shiroh-Ryu Karate from Master Richard Baillargeon and Soke Shogo Kuniba.  He also trained with and was taught by Dennis Decker who would later become Grand Master of Chi Ling Pai.During the year from 1968 - 1979, he taught at and ran a group of dojos in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New york.  He was named as the Northeast head of the National Karate Union and Jui Jutsu Union.  Master Casterline has held many other accolades to add to his teaching credentials; to list some:

  • Taught over 65 Police Departments

  • Martial Arts instructor at Luzerne Jr. College

  • Is a PA State Police Instructor for Lethal Weapons Act

  • Taught at Kings College

  • Taught at Lackwanna Jr. College

  • Taught at Scranton University

  • Taught at WB YMCA, JCC & CYC

  • Master Casterline and his students handled the security for the Pennsylvania Raceway and speed way

  • He hosted the 1st full contact karate team.

  • Toured with the Murray Sports Show here he did up to 40 demos a week

  • PA municipal police training instructor

Master Casterline became famous for standing bare feet on a series of live katanas and cutting 1/2 an apple on his wife's stomach .

Former Soke of Sembach UFA-F

Current Soke/Hanshi of Sembach

NY State Director of the Alliance

Holds Dan Rankings in:

  • Shito-Ryu karate

  • Goshin Budo  JuiJutsu

  • Aikido

  • Chito Ryu Kempo

  • 2nd dan by sensei Del Saito.

  • 3rd Dan by Soke Shogo Kuniba. cert #55

  • 4th and 5th dans by Master Richard Baillargeon. Certs # 55, 15 

  • Honorary 8th dan in zen budo kai

  • He is also the former soke (honorable head of Unitifed Fighting Arts Federation)


  • NY State Director for World Wide Martial Arts Concil.

  • NY State Director of the Aliance

  • Recognized as a Senior Master by the World Wide Martial Arts Council


Member of:


  • World Wide Martial Arts Council

  • USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame

  • Martial Arts History museum


Sensei Jane Casterline

         Jane Casterline started training in Chito Ryu Kenpo in 1972. She was an early forrunner in the martial arts in the North Eastern United States. Her instructors were Soke Kuniba and Richard Baillergion. She tested for her black belt by Sensei Richard Baillergeon - the head of the US branch of Seishin Kai and later the founder of the National Karate and Jiu Jitsu Union. Her ranks are in Chito Ryu Kenpo and Shitoh Ryu Karate. She attended the famed 1974 summer camp, where Master Baillergeon and Soke Kuniba split up.

         She and her husband operated a group of martial arts schools in the PA, NJ and NY areas, all under the banner of Sembach Self Defense. Her main goal was the teaching of young people and women self defense. She also taught at LCC Community Collage the 1st female karate woman to do so. She specialized in women self defense.

         She also trained WOAR (Women Organized Against Rape) with Master John Casterline. She co-hosted a North Eastern US karate series, hosting over 7 martial arts tournaments before the 1980. She also did demonstrations at the Murry Sports shows where she did over 40 demos a week in PA and NY.

         Recently Jane Casterline was awarded "The Female Living Legend" award at the Hall Of Heroes event in 2014 in NY. Currently she is studying the art of Hojojutsu with Master Allen Woodman, using a women scarf instead of a rope or a belt. This is her 42nd year in the martial arts.


Member of:


* USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame

* Martial Arts History museum.



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