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About Us

Sembach karate club was founded in 1966 at Sembach air force base in Germany
its instructors were Earl Robin and John Casterline. When it was founded in 66, the top black belt ranking went to 6th Dan, which was common with kenpo at the time. Sembach has always been known as the top self defense schools as we also teach kata, weapons and point karate sparring.
Our main effort is and will continue to be self defense to protect yourself and others.
  Sensei Casterline taught the martial arts as a full time profession from 1968 till 1980 in 1980 he turned the dojos over too his student black belts and he continuued to head the dojos  till 1985. At that time he started to teach only semi private lessons. In 2011 he was asked by sensei Richard Dixon to
head the Unitifed Fighting Art Federation of which sensei Dixon is the director. its aim is to help organize martial arts school so they could do co op artivesing, tournaments, seminars and cross train in other
martial arts systems and styles at little or no cost, and to help martial arts school b fininlay secure with promotions, fund raisers and tournaments. To help the instructors gain rank in other systems and styles and weapons and to do award dinners at a local level. He is working toward this goal by him and Sensei Jane Casterline crossing the United States and visiting martial arts schools of all systems and styles, to co op, to bring them to the status that Sembach Self Defense held during the 60s,70s,80s when its member dojos were over a 3 state web with over 1,000 students. Sembach held one of the 1st tournaments in Germany and 7 tournaments in Penna. Our goal to unitifed martial arts schools at the local level with the unitifed fighting arts federation.

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